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Vystopia and Being Nice to Spiders

Ever since the age of four, and watching his dad refuse to kill spiders, station manager Gerry Edwards of UK Panda radio station felt something that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. However, when he read the definition of Vystopia, he was really pleased to know that he wasn’t alone. In this 7-minute radio […]

Veganism is Growing but Why are Vegans so Preachy?

Vegans are often criticised for being preachy and wanting to tell other people what to do. Why can’t they leave people alone and get on with their own lives? In this 5-minute interview on the UK’s BBC Radio 5 Live, Clare Mann responds to this question and invites the interviewer to re-think her definition of […]

Vegan Nation Radio : Dealing with Non-Vegan Animal Health Practitioners

Vegan Nation is world-wide radio program run by Marlene Narrow in Massachusetts, USA. In this interview, Clare Mann explores how vystopia is helping vegans more easily communicate veganism.

Vystopia in Denmark following Public Debate on Veganism

In early 2018 an article appeared in the Danish press about whether a vegan diet was suitable for children.  This sparked public debate and Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann was approached to comment. 

Animal Voices Radio – How to Live Well in a Non Vegan World

Animal Voices Radio is the only program dedicated to animal social justice in western Canada. It offers debate, ideas and inspiration from animal advocates all over the world.

Vocal Animal – Podcast

Animal rights is the fastest growing social justice movement of our time. Our attitude towards animals shapes our society, our belief about what is right and just, and – with climate change upon us – potentially our collective survival.

Easy Vegan – How easy can it be living in a non-vegan world?

In this episode of Easy Vegan we explore Vystopia and why angry vegans, often criticised for being self-righteous and opinionated are leading the way in creating a more compassionate world – but not without a challenge on the way.

From Reluctant Vegan to Passionate Vystopian

Dan and Jesse Pinne started off as reluctant vegans but now embrace that veganism is a moral imperative for a kinder and more compassionate world.

What has Edward Snowdon got to do with Vystopia?

In this interview with Bill Linden of Go Vegan Radio, Clare Mann discusses a similar cover-up and the trance-like collusion of the non-vegan world with a dystopian world they haven’t yet realised they are part of.

Ushering in the Era of Compassion

Want help with the personal and social challenges of being vegan in a non-vegan world?  The Soul in Wonder podcast and programs provide tools and techniques to help you do just this as well as being part of a community of like-minded people.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Go Vegan

It’s often challenging to talk confidently about veganism, especially when your buttons get pressed and you don’t have all your facts to hand.  In this podcast with Corinne Niijer, Clare Mann explores how you can improve your communication and turn the most difficult conversations into positive ones for veganism.

Do you Suffer From Vystopia – That Vegan Couple Podcast

Natasha and Luca from That Vegan Couple run regular podcasts on becoming vegan, staying vegan and creating a light and minimalist lifestyle.

Putting the V in Psychology

My Home Planet, a series of podcasts by Natasha Milne, shares the stories of people who wake up each day and work for the betterment and future of our beautiful earth and those we share it with. Clare Mann had the pleasure of contributing to this series to talk about veganism, communication and animal social justice and […]

How to live as a vegan in a non-vegan world and communicate it to others

Many ethical vegans suffer from anxiety and trauma. This is because they have learnt about the cruel treatment of animals in society, especially those who are part of industrial production. In this interview on Freedom of Species Radio, Clare Mann talks about what ethical vegans can do to manage their anxiety, live in a non-vegan […]