How do you cope when global fear goes viral?

Recent 2020 events are bringing the world to its knees. Mainstream media are ramping up the fear in confusing and often misleading reports, throwing us further into panic and two universal fears:
Fear of Death + Fear of Uncertainty.

If you’re to maintain your sanity, recover after the crisis is over and re-build what you’ve lost, you have to develop mental resilience to this and future uncertainties.

Discover how to unlock your innate ability to protect yourself both physically and psychologically during these uncertain times.

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What Will Happen Post the 2020 Crisis – Utopia or Dystopia?

As vegans we not only have to live with the anguish of knowing what happens to animals but in telling people, their trance-like collusion with a dark and dystopian world many don’t realise they are part of.

The current health crisis throws us into deep uncertainty, and many are left thinking, “Is there more going on?
Are the powers-that-be taking advantage of this or manipulating events to their own ends?”

I challenge people to remain open-minded about what’s going on.


I Invite you examine how the crisis may be catapulting society to re-think how it’s working and the possibility of never returning to old ways.

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What a 39-year Vegan Veteran thinks about Vystopia

Harry Bolman of Vegan Life has been advocating for veganism for nearly four decades.

In this live interview, we explore vystopia and the myths that keep people trapped in their non-veganism.  Most importantly, Harry shares his wisdom on how we can break people out of the apathy to be part of the solution to a better world.

Watch livestream recording with Clare Mann

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