Why Do Vegans Behave Badly and What’s All this In-fighting?

Many people upon becoming vegan say, “I only feel good around vegans. I feel I have found my family. They really get me!” It’s therefore distressing when vegans discover in-fighting in person or social media and feel desperate that this detracts from advocating for animal liberation.

In a panel at the Adelaide Vegan Festival 2019, a panel of well-known vegans joined together to explore this topic and suggest ways in which we can ensure we keep firmly focused on animal social justice.

Wwatch this panel discussion with You-Tubers That Vegan Couple, Luke Weber, Kristy Alger – Animal Liberation Tasmania and Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann.

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The Hardest Part of Being Vegan Isn’t the Food

As more people adopt a vegan lifestyle, it’s important that vegans know how to advocate effectively about the moral philosophy underpinning this way of living. Janine Bancroft, a long-time social justice advocate and now host of Green Vegan Grandma, interviews Clare Mann the psychology of veganism and carnism, whistle-blowing and the battle for justice and freedom for all.


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Finding Peace in a Time of Chaos

Webinar Recording: Finding Peace in a Time of Chaos

Dr Will Tuttle (World Peace Diet) and myself held a 60-min live webinar to explore the deeper meanings behind the chaos that people are experiencing globally in 2020.

Although our time was short, we were able to explore ways in which we can create a greater sense of internal safety and hope in order to be part of the solution. We shared a number of insights, techniques and attitudes we can practice to remain calm and communicate  more effectively with fellow vegans who may be struggling as well.

Check out Dr Will Tuttles’s website for World Peace Diet training, articles and videos:


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