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2nd Stage Vystopia – What Else Don’t We Know?

If you’re anything like me, you don’t believe everything you’re told and have always asked questions. Before becoming vegan we did that and couldn’t believe the lies that were hidden in plain sight.


2020 continues to bring enormous challenges, akin to a global existential crisis. We are seeing the vegan community polarise as never before about the global health messages, loss of personal freedoms and regularly hearing the phrase “Conspiracy Theories” every day in social and mainstream media.

We are not strangers to being called Conspiracy Theorists when it comes to the blindspots people have about animal cruelty, the global health crisis, environmental destruction and global unrest. Now more than ever during this existential crisis we must be really vigilant, apply critical thinking and seek the truth behind what the mainstream narrative is. We must keep open-minds and discern between conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts, instead of blindly adhering to the mainstream narrative or thinking that we don’t need to focus on current affairs as it takes us away from veganism.

There’s a lot at stake here – if we lose our freedom of speech and movement (rights which are being eroded every day) the possibility of creating a world based on non-exploitation, of animals and humans will be out of our reach.

This is why I am are running the webinar series, Second Stage Vystopia: What Else Don’t We Know. Together with Mark Doneddu, President of VegVic and Founder of World Vegan Day Melbourne, Australia, one of the biggest vegan festivals in the world, we cut through conflicting information to help you make make sense of current arguments. We provide you with valuable tools to further develop your self-awareness and communication skills, so you feel more resilient and hopeful about your part in creating a vegan world.

Watch Full Webinar #8 - Corona False Alarm? Facts and Figures

REGISTER BELOW to access all future and past recordings in this series to gain insights, techniques, and attitudes to practice in order to be part of the solution. We can avoid becoming close-minded and create ease within ourselves and each other, for non-human animals and for the planet on which we live.

2nd Stage Vystopia
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Vystopia and Finding Your Best Form of Vegan Activism

The Vegan Champion Podcast shares the stories of vegans all over the world in order to learn tools and techniques to inspire vegans to tap into their own power and bring their own gifts to the world. In this interview with host Jason Fonger, Clare Mann explores how to turn vystopia into massive action for change.

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Why Do Vegans Behave Badly and What’s All this In-fighting?

Many people upon becoming vegan say, “I only feel good around vegans. I feel I have found my family. They really get me!” It’s therefore distressing when vegans discover in-fighting in person or social media and feel desperate that this detracts from advocating for animal liberation.

In a panel at the Adelaide Vegan Festival 2019, a panel of well-known vegans joined together to explore this topic and suggest ways in which we can ensure we keep firmly focused on animal social justice.

Wwatch this panel discussion with You-Tubers That Vegan Couple, Luke Weber, Kristy Alger – Animal Liberation Tasmania and Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann.

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