Vystopia and Parents Encouraging Empathy Towards Animals in their Children

Laurent Levy of The Other Animals Podcast and Clare Mann discuss the importance of parents encouraging empathy towards animals in their children. They explore becoming vegan and how Clare’s first memory of gross injustice involved animals.  As with of PETA’s founder Ingrid Newkirk previously on the podcast, this planted the seeds for later commitment to contributing towards animal liberation. Laurent and Clare also discuss vystopia and becoming an instrument for change in our not-yet vegan world.

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How to Parent a Child with Vystopia

Seeing your child suffer with vystopia is doubly painful. You don’t only have to help them deal with animal suffering but struggle with being ridiculed or shunned by other children for being vegan.

Vegan Possum is a podcast for vegan parents wanting to protect their children, yet want them to become strong voices for a kinder world. In this podcast with Bryony Sumner, Clare Mann provides tools and techniques to help parents and children manage vystopia.

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What That Vegan Couple Wish They’d Learnt 12 Years Ago

Do you need to say NO more often? Would you like to make different choices and live more authentically? What’s holding you back? The answers to these questions won’t only help you live more authentically but help you understand why people resist veganism. In this podcast, Clare Mann and That Vegan Couple discuss 8 myths that hold people back from making choices and the changes that could help improve their lives.

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