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Is Veganism the Latest Conspiracy Theory?

When I embarked on the Australian Tour of the new smartphone App Vegan Voices, I anticipated collaborating with vegan around Australia to collectively create a vegan world. I was encouraged by the positive energy and connections arising out of the tour and I’ll share with you later how Vegan Voices enhances this potential.  However, unanticipated learnings arose from the tour which offer both a challenge and an opportunity.

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Would I Follow Me?

Lessons from psychology that assist vegan advocacy

Clare Mann – Barefoot Vegan 2017

With a background in organisational psychology, I have seen people in organisations working in silos on different projects and only engaging with other groups when absolutely necessary.  Members of each different group identify primarily with their own group and often resist collaborating and learning from others.  My role has been to break down those barriers, increase communication between and within groups and create mutual understanding in order to achieve better collective outcomes.

One of the biggest limitations I have observed is to do with unquestioned assumptions.  Without high levels of self-awareness, we often fail to question our assumptions about other people and how things should be done.  These preconceived ideas result in prejudice and stereotypes that truly inhibit us connecting with others and collaborating for mutual benefit.  An important intervention is to develop to means to continually question our assumptions and our part in creating the outcomes of every interpersonal interaction we have.  This, together with learning to communicate effectively and skilfully navigate differences, has the potential to create relationships, groups and organisations that achieve superior collective outcomes whilst becoming satisfying communities in which we can work.

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Putting the V in Psychology

My Home Planet, a series of podcasts by Natasha Milne, shares the stories of people who wake up each day and work for the betterment and future of our beautiful earth and those we share it with.

Clare Mann had the pleasure of contributing to this series to talk about veganism, communication and animal social justice and how each of us has a part to play in creating a more compassionate world through veganism and non-speciesism.

Click below to access the podcast recording:–Putting-the-Vegan-in-Psychology

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