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I lost friends when I became vegan – Now I’m a lot happier

Vegans vary enormously when it comes to maintaining relationships with non-vegan friends and intimate partners. Research into the key challenges facing vegans on this journey is explored under “What Used to Work doesn’t – Relationships with Non-Vegans” in Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in Non-Vegan World (Mann 2018). Vegan journalist Mitchell Jordan shares a […]

Is There Such a Thing as Vegan Depression?

Over the years, clients have visited me with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Despite many discussing what they think might contribute to this, the majority of people struggle to alleviate their symptoms and are unaware of the real causes of their distress. However, vegans know specifically what is causing their distress; Knowing about the systematised […]

The Compassionate Road Blog: How to Live More Easily in a Non-Vegan World

The Compassionate Road blog brings news and information to help vegans live in this not-yet vegan world and communicate kinder living to others who have not yet realised the imperative of veganism for the animals

How a Rescue Dog Taught a Psychologist Lessons in Love

Every year, animal shelters and individual carers around the world try to house hundreds of rescued dogs and cats. Amongst these are abandoned pets, unwanted animals, and creatures with special needs.

The Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle and Vystopia

Michael and Masa, the Australian Minimalist Vegans, teach creative ways to live abundantly whilst having a light foot-print on the planet. 

Live Kindly – the Maxim of Veganism

This article in Live Kindly Magazine asks, “How can vegans move from the debilitating agony of vystopia to changing the world?”

Australian Psychologist Coins Term to Describe Anguish Vegans Face – Vystopia

Vegans know how confronting it is to witness on a daily basis the ubiquitous use of animals.

Don’t Despair Animal Activists, Your Vegan Advocacy is Never in Vain

Do you ever feel that it’s too difficult living in a non vegan world?  Despite all your advocacy, the world just isn’t changing and people are indifferent, resistant and more interested in their own needs to worry about animals?

When Life Gives You Lemons, Go Vegan

It’s often challenging to talk confidently about veganism, especially when your buttons get pressed and you don’t have all your facts to hand.  In this podcast with Corinne Niijer, Clare Mann explores how you can improve your communication and turn the most difficult conversations into positive ones for veganism.

Breaking through Vystopia to Create Powerful Change for Animals

In this interview with the animal rights campaign group ANDA in Brazil, Clare Mann shares her work in animal social justice

Breaking the Trance – Vystopia and The Cube of Truth

You may know about the Cube of Truth public rallies in cities around Australia. As part of a global movement called Anonymous for the Voiceless, animal advocates don masks and create a physical square in a public place whilst holding TV screens with images of undercover animal cruelty in abattoirs.  Reports all over the world […]

When knowing the facts isn’t enough to become vegan

How is it possible after sharing facts about something that has direct significance to a person, they don’t change their behaviour?  Despite showing them how their choices are making them unhealthy or unhappy, they still ignore the facts or refuse to look further.  We still see people smoking despite years of advice that it’s not […]

The Rise of Veganism

Whilst animal advocates and vegans struggle with living in a non-vegan world that doesn’t seem to care that animals, environment and people suffer in through unconscious- and over-consumption, it seems that veganism is on the rise.  People are waking up to the fact there is a better way to treat animals, people and the environment. […]

Do You Suffer From Vystopia?

The Discovery of Systemised Cruelty Like many who have made the journey before me, the discovery of systemised torture and cruelty within our modern society left me horrified.

Living as a Stranger in a Strange Land

When you become a vegan, you run a high chance of developing a mental illness. This might seem extreme and enough to make non-vegans avoid talking about the subject, so let me clarify what I mean. Firstly, someone who adopts a plant-based diet and calls themselves a vegan is unlikely to suffer in the same […]

Is Veganism the Latest Conspiracy Theory?

When I embarked on the Australian Tour of the new smartphone App Vegan Voices, I anticipated collaborating with vegan around Australia to collectively create a vegan world. I was encouraged by the positive energy and connections arising out of the tour and I’ll share with you later how Vegan Voices enhances this potential.  However, unanticipated […]

Would I Follow Me?

Lessons from psychology that assist vegan advocacy Clare Mann – Barefoot Vegan 2017 With a background in organisational psychology, I have seen people in organisations working in silos on different projects and only engaging with other groups when absolutely necessary.  Members of each different group identify primarily with their own group and often resist collaborating […]

From Surviving to Thriving – Tools for living expansively in a non-vegan world

Where are you in your vegan journey?  Are you a new vegan who excitedly wants to share veganism but feel thwarted by those who ridicule you, think you’re odd or who show no real interest?  Have you become aware of animal cruelty and are outraged when others don’t become vegan when you tell them about […]

Is a Vegan Meal Really Catering to Your Needs?

There are numerous situations when vegans feel unable to participate, such as dining at certain restaurants or eating when others are eating animal products.  Vegans vary in the extent to which they can tolerate being around others eating non-vegan food; some are satisfied to eat a special meal whereas others feel so uncomfortable being around […]

How Living ‘Off the Grid’ Brought Me Nearer to Veganism

Twelve years ago, my partner and I left Sydney for an adventure.  My partber, a social disrupter and avid believer in renewable energy use, and myself embracing the opportunity to ‘live the dream’, moved to New Zealand to build an ‘Off the Grid’ house and experience lowering our environmental footprint.   Like most plans, they don’t […]

Would a Sales Process Help Activists Convert More People to Veganism?

Imagine you are a part of an international sales team who have been tasked with the job of selling the most amazing solution the vast majority of the world’s problems?  You hold the solution to the current global challenges to human health, environment, social justice, the economy, conscience, spiritual growth etc.  The customer is every […]

Raising Compassionate Children

Whilst I don’t specialise in child psychology, over the years I have been invited into the lives of thousands of people who share their childhood experiences with me. Undoubtedly, their experiences influence how they see themselves, others and the world. I would like to share some anecdotal experiences with you about human beings’ capacity to […]

Two Tips for Dealing with Christmas invites

How can you politely deal with invitations to non-vegan dining or family events?

What to say when you don’t know everything

So someone asks you a question about veganism and you don’t know all the information. What do you do? Do you try your best, wishing you had more facts to hand or do you ramble on talking about things you think they should know, even if it’s not what they’re asking. Listen to this radio […]

How to deal with the mental anguish of being a vegan

When a person becomes a vegan because of a philosophical standpoint that the use and exploitation of animals is unacceptable, they often experience an increasing amount of pain. This is because not only do they have become aware of our society’s specieisism and abuse of animals in the industrial process, but also have to deal […]

How do you answer the question “so why are you vegan?”

Good communications principles can help ethical vegans answer this question with more impact. Instead of responding with lots of information, check out your audience so you can tailor your response in a way that gets them saying ‘That’s interesting. Tell me more’.  

When non-veganism isn’t an option: An existential perspective

When people become vegan they are often bewildered at the strength of the resistance or criticism they receive from others, particularly their family. They may have faced resistance to many other choices before, but when it comes to veganism there is none of the usual open-mindedness and willingness to embrace change, and little sign of […]

Are veganism and vegetarianism symptomatic of eating disorders?

Over the last year, a large number of clients have told that medical professionals advise them that that their lifestyles and eating choices are tantamount to mental illness and should be categorised as eating disorders. Their choice to not eat any animal products or limit their consumption to non-flesh based content is viewed as extreme […]

Surviving as a Vegan in a Non-Vegan Family

Vegans can find it very difficult to respond to the multitude of reactions they receive from their family members about their vegan lifestyle choices. The extent of the difficulty depends on why they have chosen veganism. If the choice is one of adopting a healthy diet, reducing food costs or because of the impact of […]

On The Brink Of Madness

Why animal activists and vegans don’t feel understood by other people by Clare Mann As a psychologist with over twenty years experience, I admit that I have a mental health disorder. Some professionals might say I have an eating disorder because I am vegan. Others would show concern that I regularly feel anxious, depressed, experience […]

What strategies help vegans manage their trauma?

People become vegans for numerous reasons; a desire to be physically healthier on a plant-based diet, concern for how food production damages the environment, a strongly held belief in social justice for all living beings and/or because they have learnt about the abuses of industrialised animal cruelty and wish it to stop. It is the […]