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Why are vegan or vegetarian men twice as likely to suffer from depression?

When vegans are asked if it’s difficult to be vegan, they invariably say that not being a vegan that is difficult but living in a non-vegan world with values and attitudes that resist what is a philosophy of kindness, compassion, health and environmental respect. The following article, “Vystopia: Can leading a vegan lifestyle make you […]

I lost friends when I became vegan – Now I’m a lot happier

Vegans vary enormously when it comes to maintaining relationships with non-vegan friends and intimate partners. Research into the key challenges facing vegans on this journey is explored under “What Used to Work doesn’t – Relationships with Non-Vegans” in Vystopia: The Anguish of Being Vegan in Non-Vegan World (Mann 2018). Vegan journalist Mitchell Jordan shares a […]