What to say when you don’t know everything

So someone asks you a question about veganism and you don’t know all the information.

What do you do?

Do you try your best, wishing you had more facts to hand or do you ramble on talking about things you think they should know, even if it’s not what they’re asking.

Listen to this radio interview on 3CR Radio and become a better voice for veganism – even if you don’t know everything. The principles discussed were presented in 2015 at World Vegan Day Melbourne and the Animal Activist Forum.


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How to deal with the mental anguish of being a vegan

When a person becomes a vegan because of a philosophical standpoint that the use and exploitation of animals is unacceptable, they often experience an increasing amount of pain. This is because not only do they have become aware of our society’s specieisism and abuse of animals in the industrial process, but also have to deal with disbelief, indifference, apathy or criticism from others because of their changed lifestyle.

This is a common experience but can be navigated. Skills can be learnt to manage the pain with tools to communicate veganism more easily. This article in The Vegan Independent highlights the journey and options for vegans who are not alone in their experiences of mental distress.

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